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Yellowport is a city in Sokara, accessible in War-Torn Kingdom. It is one of the largest cities in Sokara, and has more to do than almost any other location in the region.

In-book Description[]

Yellowport is the second largest city in Sokara. It is mainly a trading town, and is known for its exotic goods from distant Ankon-Konu, way to the south.

The Stinking River brings rich deposits of sulphur from the Lake of the Sea Dragon down to the town, where it is extracted and stored in the large waterfront warehouses run by the merchants’ guild. From here, the mineral is exported all over Harkuna. Unfortunately, all that sulphur has its drawbacks. The stink is abominable, and much of the city has a yellowish hue. The river is so full of sulphur that it is virtually useless as a source of food or of drinking water. However, the demand for sulphur, especially from the sorcerous guilds, is great.

Politically, much has changed in the past few years. The old and corrupt king of Sokara, Corin VII, has been deposed and executed in a military coup. General Grieve Marlock and the army now control Sokara. The old Council of Yellowport has been ‘indefinitely dissolved’ and a provost marshal, Marloes Marlock, the general’s brother, appointed as military governor of the town.

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Alvir and Valmir