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The Wishport Harbour is the main harbour in WishportGolnir.



Things to do[]

The following are all things you can do at the Wishport Harbour. All trades (buying or selling a ship, buying/selling wares) deal in Shards. Any prices not listed means the ware/crew quality isn't available.

  • Buy a ship
  • Sell a ship
  • Go aboard your ship
  • Hire crew for your ship
  • Pay for passage on a ship
  • Visit the warehouses
  • Go to the city centre

Buy a ship[]

Type Cost Capacity
Barque 250 Shards 1 Cargo Unit
Brigantine 450 Shards 2 Cargo Units
Galleon 900 Shards 3 Cargo Units

Sell a ship[]

Type Sale price
Barque 210 Shards
Brigantine 400 Shards
Galleon 800 Shards

Hire crew for your ship[]

Crew Quality Upgrade Price)
Poor to Average 20 Shards
Average to Good -
Good to Excellent -

Pay for passage on a ship[]

Destination Price
Dweomer 8 Shards
Marlock City 5 Shards

Visit the warehouses[]

Cargo To buy To sell
Furs 200 Shards 180 Shards
Grain 150 Shards 135 Shards
Metal 750 Shards 675 Shards
Minerals 700 Shards 630 Shards
Spices 900 Shards 810 Shards
Textiles 250 Shards 225 Shards
Timber 200 Shards 180 Shards