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Goldfall is a city in south-east Golnir, in Cities of Gold and Glory. It is located to the east of Wheatfields, and is a location of a gold rush, however, not much gold is to be found there.


Goldfall is a ramshackle town. The buildings are in poor repair, the stock wanders untended in the fields. The reason is that most people who live here are just transients. They come from far and wide because of the stories that chunks of gold shower from the sky on certain nights. You pass a beggar squatting beside the town square and ask if he ever found any gold. "Nope," he says. "But I heard of a bloke who got rich from finding three nuggets each as big as your fist. Got any spare change?"


The following are things you can do in Goldfall.

  • Visit the Goldfall Inn
  • Visit the Temple of the Three Fortunes (Goldfall)
  • Search for gold
  • Leave
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