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Conflass is a relatively large town located in Golnir, in Cities of Gold and Glory. The town is just north of the point where the River of Souls, Grimm River and Rainbow River meet.


Conflass is a delightful town of white-fronted houses with brightly painted timber frames. The burghers of the town are open and friendly. As one explains to you: "We tell the baronies that we pay tax to the Sokarans, and the Sokarans that we pay tax to Castle Ravayne. So they both leave us alone. That's why you'll never find a long face in Conflass.


The following are places of note in Conflass.

  • Conflass Market
  • Conflass Merchant's Guild
  • Conflass Inn

Other Locations[]

The following are all other things you can do in Conflass.

  • Leave