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The Castle Ravayne Armoury is the supplier of arms and armour for the knights in Castle Ravayne, Golnir.


The armoury in Castle Ravayne resounds with the clamour of hammers on anvils. The artisans here provide arms and armour for the greatest knights of Golnir.

Items for sale

The following are all items for sale at the Castle Ravayne Armoury. The Castle Ravayne Armoury deals in Shards.

Item Name To buy To sell
Leather Jerkin (Defence +1) 50 Shards 45 Shards
Ring Mail (Defence +2) 100 Shards 90 Shards
Chain Mail (Defence +3) 200 Shards 180 Shards
Splint Armour (Defence +4) 400 Shards 360 Shards
Plate Armour (Defence +5) 800 Shards 720 Shards
Heavy Plate (Defence +6) 1600 Shards 1440 Shards
Weapons (sword, axe, etc)
Without Combat bonus 50 Shards 40 Shards
Combat bonus +1 250 Shards 200 Shards
Combat bonus +2 500 Shards 400 Shards
Combat bonus +3 1000 Shards 800 Shards
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